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[Xtermine Snap1]

Xtermine is a bootsector utility program for floppy disks and hard drives.

[Xtermine Snap2]

Xtermine works under GEM environment on every kind of Atari even on MultiTOS. You can see here the memory configuration box.

[Xtermine Snap3]

Xtermine can set any type of bootsector: raw (for demos) or with disk format adaptation executable or not.

[Xtermine Snap4]

Xtermine can works with floppy disks or hard partitions: any manipulation is possible.

[Xtermine Snap5]

Xtermine uses its own bootsectors library. The library can be updated on per-bootsector basis or with an entire second library.

But Xtermine can use libraries from other antivirus programs (The Killer, Exorcist II and Sagrotan).

Xtermine is a Shareware program.

Download Xtermine v0.2 from April 14th 1993.