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[Snap Shauri] Introduction
Recognised elements
The program Shauri will allow you to know the exact features of your Atari computer. Just select the desired component to scan and the program will create a complete log file.
Recognised elements

TOS: Essential addresses: TOS version, base memory...

Memory: Full-detailled ST-RAM & TT-RAM memory amount (total, free...).

AES: AES version, MultiTOS presence...

VDI: Full detailled graphics parameters of the VDI component.

Disk Drives: List of drives available to the user.

Hard Disk Driver: Hard disk driver data.

Auto folder: Full list in execution order of the AUTO programs.

Accessories: Full list in loading order of the system accessories.

CPX moduls: Data informations for each CPX modul.

Cookies: The cookie-jar system zone contains data by two: an identifier and a data value. Each identifier is unique and the value can be a pointer to another memory zone. Shauri recognise more than an hundred cookies and know how to interpret some memory zones. If it doesn't know a zone, it will dump the 256 first bytes of it.

Memory Map: Shauri can scan all the base system address (ST) but all the MegaST, STe, MegaSTe, TT and Falcon ones. The program displays the value and signification of each address. The XBRA protocol which allows resident programs to link themselves with an address is also recognised.

Desk Environment: Detail of the memory buffer containing the GEM desktop parameters.

Non-Volatile RAM: The NVRAM (only on TT & Falcon) contains some data about the booting and internationalisation of the desktop.


Shauri is a freeware program (free) and you can download it here:

Shauri v2.0 (September 25th 1997): SHAURI.ZIP

File log example: CONFIG.TXT