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Here are some snaps from Bv4. Pictures had been reduced to half size.

[Bv4snap1] This image shows the program interface:
The Registering form allows registered users to enter name and key to use freely the program.
The PARX Memory Manager lets Bv4 to allocate and free as many memory blocs as it wants without any system limitation. You can change at any time the amount of system memory used by Bv4.
The interface form sets the interface features and language.

[Bv4snap2] As it uses Parx Dithering modul, Bv4 can be used on every video card (Atari or other systems like Medusa...) and any resolution. The max number of opened images can be configured. You can use some tricks from Selectric like the list of directories and extensions with automatic update.

[Bv4snap3] Bv4 can reduce or expand images as your wishes with or without keeping the ratio. Simply enter your own size or any multiplicator factor.

[Bv4snap4] Bv4 can make slideshow with configurable speed, reducing or expanding picture to the screen size (on/off), directory recursivity (on/off). You can also desactivate LEDPannel and/or TurboVeille if needed.
Bv4 can also convert pictures from a directory to another with or without color reducing/expanding.

[Bv4snap5] This snap gives an idea about the number of picture formats recognised by Bv4. This number of formats is constantly increasing as Bv4 uses external moduls: RIM from Parx. All the other M&E programs use the moduls.

[Bv4snap6] Bv4 can use generating RIM moduls. This moduls can generate images from nothing (here a wood texture) or drive some external periphericals like scanners, cameras...

[Bv4snap7] Pictures are saved with the WIM moduls from Parx. As for the RIM moduls, the number of saving formats increase constantly. There is also some generating WIM moduls that can drive color printers or faxes...

All that is not enough to see all the Bv4 features.If you have any questions feel free to mail me.